What is Kaizen?

Low Code Framework. Rapid Application Development Tool.

Kaizen is a low code framework which helps you to develop web applications faster. The framework has evolved since 15+ years and has all the features to develop any kind application for different industries. The benefit as a developer is you can save more time and efforts in making software, less dependency on developers, you can give LIVE updates to your clients, you don't have to maintain source code and you don't need special skills to learn the framework.

What's so special about Kaizen?

Among many other low code frameworks, Kaizen is a mature framework which has proven its strength by delivering a variety of applications for different industries. It's constantly evolving since the last 15+ years, projects already delivered in 70+ industries with around 500+ projects successfully executed, very practical solutions. Also it's easy to learn and deploy and you can host the application wherever you want. The kaizen framework has advanced features compared to other frameworks.

What are the Security Measures in Kaizen?

  • Sanitize and Validate submission data to prevent SQL Injection
  • Authentication and Authorization for all private routes
  • Encrypting sensitive data (eg. Password, Stored Procedure names, etc)
  • Secured Error handling and Error logging
  • Data submission only through XML to prevent unauthorized code
  • Auditing all user logging and user data submissions
  • Disable Cross-site scripting
  • No use of the unknown third party libraries
  • IP Tracking to identify DoS attacks

Privacy Policy

We respect the data privacy of clients. Our privacy policies are very simple.

We will never read anything from the database.

We only capture Mac addresses, URL, Concurrent number of developers and Kaizen version.