Read the below FAQ answers to get more clarity about Kaizen Framework.

  • What support I can expect from Kaizen Team?

    Ans. There are 2 kinds of support we provide. Free and Paid. To get free support, you can refer this page.
    In paid support we provide an experience resource who can do handholding of your team to adapt Kaizen. For this we charge per man day. Ideally it can be from 2-3 days in the start and once your project is on completetion it can be 1-2 days exercise.

  • At what scale I can make a software with Kaizen Framework?

    Ans. Lots of applications are made from Kaizen which has hundreds of multiple users and has large amount of data. You can make a complete customized application with most complex business logic in Kaizen.

  • Will Kaizen team able to access my database?

    Ans. No. We have a very clear policy of data privacy. The database and application will remain with you and we will never read your database.

  • How can I move out of Kaizen Framework?

    Ans. Since you have the application and database with you. You can just make a frontend application which will replace Kaizen application and keep your database as it is.

  • What skills I need to use Kaizen Framework?

    Ans. SQL queries knowledge is what you need to use Kaizen. The whole idea behind making a Low Code Framework was to NOT write code in DotNet, Java, Python, PHP or any language.

  • Can I get FREE script of a small software to start with?

    Ans. Yes, you can checkout this page Download Modules and download FREE Modules Script. Also you can visit our YouTube Channel where we regularly keep updating videos with free sample scripts of projects.

  • Is Kaizen a white labeled framework?

    Ans. Yes. You can change the logo, text and replace with your company details.

  • Can I change the GUI of Kaizen?

    Ans. Yes. We have used Bootstrap library for the GUI. You can change the GUI by either changing CSS file or can change the whole bootstrap theme.

  • Can I make Mobile APP by Kaizen Framework?

    Ans. Yes. Making Mobile App is very simple. Since Kaizen is responsive you can simply call your web application inside an APK.
    For mobile device features, you can get Geo Tagging, Camera Access, OTP login, Notification from Google Play Store, Signature On Mobile etc in Kaizen.

  • Can I fit Kaizen Framework with my existing software?

    Ans. Yes. Since all the tables and stored procedures of Kaizen has "kz_" prefix. The benefit of keeping a common database with your application and Kaizen is that you can use your tables, stored procedures and data and avoide duplication.

  • What I CAN NOT make by Kaizen Framework?

    Ans. You can not make websites or e-commerce stores. Kaizen is specifically made for making Business Process Automation tool.

  • Can I make a SAAS modal software with Kaizen Framework?

    Ans. Yes. You can switch to SAAS mode in Kaizen. This way you can serve multiple clients with individual database and keep only one application. This way your maintenance and updates becomes easy.

  • After using Kaizen Framework, how can I deploy the software at clients server?

    Ans. Kaizen gives you the benefit of working on LIVE application and remove the entire process of Compile, Upload, Deploy, Test. You (as a developer) and your client (as a user) can work paralally on the LIVE application without disturbing each other.

  • Is VAPT done with Kaizen Framework?

    Ans. Yes. Multiple times VAPT is done and we have resolved all the issues raised in it.

  • Does Kaizen Framework generate code?

    Ans. No. This is a common debate with software developers that why Kaizen is not generating code. Our first reply is that "its not a code generator". Second the idea behind making Kaizen was to get rid of code. To understand a system generated code, you will need an expert and experienced programmer. This kills the whole idea for moving to Low Code Framework.

  • I start using Kaizen for making ERP applications and realized it can't fulfill few requirements. Then what?

    Ans. Its been more then 18+ years we are using Kaizen. More then 100+ ERP for different industry has been developed from Kaizen. There will be a very thin chance you will not get your desired feature in Kaizen.
    In worst case scenario if you want a feature which is missing in Kaizen, it will be good opportunity for us to add that feature in the next release. Many features you see today are suggested by Kaizen users.