Partners of Low Code Framework.

Companies who are using Kaizen Framework.

The vision behind making Kaizen Framework available to everyone is to cut down the cost, save development time and remove the dependency of developer. We are helping maximum number of companies to acquire our low code platform. Below are the companies who are using the framework.

GNET Computer Systems LLC Dubai
Mr. Rajiv Pandhi who is having more than 3 decades of experience in making softwares have quickly adapted Kaizen.
He is able to reduce his dependency on resources and hence able to cut time, efforts and cost thow the Low Code Framework.


Prime Computers
See the story of Mr. Narendra Shete from Prime Computers. They were able to reduce 80% development cost and time by using Kaizen Framework.
Kaizen Framework helps them to be competitive in the market of Customized Software Development and still able to deliver quality service.
Their dependency on skilled manpower is reduced and now they are making more profit then before.
They have used Kaizen Framework to make ERP applications for Courier Industry, Automobiles Showroom and Workshop, Paper Manufacturers and LED Manufacturers etc.


Hard `n Soft Consultancy.
Check out the detail of Mr. Sailesh Khawani of Hard `n Soft Consultancy, a B.Tech from IIT-Kharagpur (1985) and an MBA (PGDBA) Degree in HR from Symbiosis carries with him more than 33 years of professional experience delivering Business solutions in a variety of industries. They tried different low code frameworks which are available in the market but turned up with the same problem.
The primary reason for going for any low code framework is to remove human dependency and cut down development cost. Currently all the low code frameworks which are available in the market do the opposite. With their monthly fix cost and proprietary script the purpose gets killed. They we still paying more and have to accept all the tantrums of developers.
But once they started Kaizen they immediately found it easy and cost effective. Their non technical team started developing the software from Kaizen Framework. This boost their confidence and now they are 100% doing all the software development on Kaizen.
They are developing ERP applications which are linked with SAP. Other solutions which are developed by them are CRM Solution, Office Automation Software, MIS Reporting Tool etc.


Navkar Techlabs LLP.
After struggling with PHP, ASP.NET, MVC, Python and many more programming languages, Nikhil Daftary settled down with Kaizen. His exact words are "My search ends at Kaizen".
Having 35 years of experience in various ERP application development fields. He was looking for something which can make his life easy as a developer.
After trying everything and hiring freshers to experience developers, he learnt that the worst part of a software business is to be dependent on developers. With Kaizen, there is no dependency on developers. Anyone can start making ERP applications by simply viewing videos.


Benchmark Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Making Profit from Customized Software Development projects is the most challenging work they were facing.
Managing a big team of experienced developers was making it hard to see profits.
Now their ONE employee, which is fresher, completes the whole ERP. This gives them confidence to aggressively close sales, give competitive rates to clients and still make more profit.


JAG Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Developed 3 applications in 6 months by Kaizen Framework.
Gopi Menon and his team are fully working on Kaizen Framework for developing softwares for their Shipping Industry clients with minimum technical knowledge.
Dealing with resources which are always churning and dealing with the Kaizen Team to come up with specific features, they have chosen the latter part.
Adapting Kaizen was very easy for them and they quickly made 3 softwares LIVE.